Dust 2 Game / 3D Environmental Design

Dust 2 Game / 3D Environmental Design

Dust 2 Custom Zombies A Bomb Site

This project is a game level designed specifically to be a mod for Call of Duty: World at War. Utilizing the IW4 Game Engine and other level design tools, platforms, surfaces, textures, and scripted objects were handplaced inside the level editor to create a fully functioning and immersive game world. The design of the level, as seen in the screenshots below closely represent the level design from Counter Strike: Source's level "de_dust2". Textures and models were pulled directly from Counter Strike: Source into the IW4 level editor in order to closely match the original design of "de_dust2" for this level.



A Bomb Site

T Ramp

Official Trailer

Graphics at 0:49 are also made by me!