Fred Eaglesmith's Official Website

Fred Eaglesmith's Official Website

All aboard the Fred Eaglesmith Show, starring Tif Ginn! A duo like this required a website with a brand new look and a lot of style! Working off of the Wordpress CMS already existing on the website, new features were added to website such as custom web animations that use the GSAP (Greensock Animation Plugin) framework, more fleshed out semantic identification for events, tour dates & merchandise, and an updated look overall using a custom CSS child theme within Wordpress.

The bus navigation on the home page creates a more immersive and interactive navigation experience compared to the traditional method of creating a navigation bar at the top of each webpage. Each part of the bus represents a part of the website which users are able to navigate to. (eg; The white circle on the door is a link to the "Interactive Bus Tour" page)

Visit the website HERE

Interactive Bus Tour

Alongside building and maintaining the website, I did a photoshoot of all the different parts of the bus and created an "Interactive Bus Tour", where users can learn more about the bus that Fred and Tif drive around when they are on tour.