Levy & Gordo Social Media Campaign

Levy & Gordo Social Media Campaign

STOP FREAKIN'! Levy & Gordo strive to council people who WANT to create change in their life through self awareness. "You can live life without stress and worry by being passionate towards your niche and consistently working to achieve your goals."

Levy himself is joined by his mostly anonymous, silhouette'd business partner "Gordo", to help motivate you in achieving your goals and aspirations. Gordo may not have a clear identity, but he will help you shape your own identity and carve a path to your own success

Since the 2 month conception of the Levy & Gordo brand, its Instagram account has grown organically by +300 followers and continues to create engagement with hundreds of Instagram users on a weekly basis. New content is posted regularly to remind you to STOP FREAKIN'!

The 21/90 Day Rule

Long term consistency is the key to success. What defines long term? 90 days sure isn’t that long to obtain a lifestyle. Lets look at a digital marketing campaign on instagram for example. How many people have posted for 90 days, with very little results showing? A gazillion of you. Then what happens…YOU QUIT…. Imagine posting for 365 days (one full year), how can you not have success. (Mind you your content and imaginary has to be on point and valuable.)…..STOP FREAKIN and grind it out for the year!